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Introducing: Bambi Kunst
Spring 2024

May 18
Chicago Humanities Festival
with Marina Abramović

“I’m Meeting Marina Today. I’m Meeting Marina Today.”

-form documentation of an encounter with Marina Abromović. Mother is mothering.  

April 22
Grad Talk in Visual and Critical Studies

Cybernetic Girl Dinner with bimbo theorist Strawberry Farmer

April 20
Black Mountain College, NC
[Re]Happening Festival

Child of Grunge
feat. Kezia Waters

“I played my grunge musician father’s electric guitar for the first time, a gesture of repair.” A noise wall (circa 1996) with fuzz, loop pedals, and neon sound sculpture, connecting the experimental compositional strategies of Asawa, Cage, Cunningham, and Rauschenberg with the deskilled and deranged compositional techniques of grunge to today’s experimental music landscape.

April 12
Milwaukee Art Museum
50 Paintings & Out of the Picture

“Performing the Critic to a Chorus of Critics II”

A day at the Milwaukee Art Museum alongside the premiere of Out of the Picture, dir. May Louise Schumacher.  

April 6
Gabber Rave at
Archer Ballroom

with Gartex

“I Strapped Myself to the Speaker Stack at a Gabber Rave for Four Hours”

April 6
Inga Books &
Collapse Contemporary

with emerging theorists from SAIC’s department of Visual and Critical Studies

New Body: Get Ready with Me
Public book launch New Body: on (org)an failure, ed. Strawberry Farmer & Marv Marvello at Inga Books. Followed by a performance and after-party hosted by Bambi at their apartment gallery, CollⒶpse Contemporary.

March 23 
Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago
Alone in a Room

Piano, Alone

#gloomgaze #streambait #doomscroll #auto-theory #criticism #performance-lecture #scene-report  #long-form #poetry #computer-music #grunge #fashion

March 19
DFBRL8R Gallery
But Different

Rite of Spring [Re]Rite after Pina Bauch

“I performed only the phrases of Pina’s Rite of Spring I could recall from memory, after dancing the piece as a teenager in San Francisco.”  Curated by Joseph Ravens for DFBRL8R’s Spring equinox show Same But Different.


Jan 20
Carriage Trade, NYC
What Really Happened at Artf*rum

“Performing the Critic for a Chorus of Critics I”
An industry gossip session, off the record with newly-promoted-senior-editor Alex Jovanovich, Artforum.

Jan 16
Koons Studio, Midtown
with Jeff Koons

“I Was Made in the Studio of World Famous Artist Jeff Kunst”

this is me
Bambi Kunst is a cultural critic working in Chicago and Berlin. At night, Bambi makes deranged and durational performance art in subcultural spaces, art galleries, and raves. During the day, they are a columnist and art critic at FIZZY Mag, an independent fashion magazine based in Berlin, est. by Riot Grrrl photographer Brit the Kid in the early 2000s. CollⒶpse Contemporary, Bambi’s apartment gallery, is located in downtown Pilsen in Chicago. Bambi is a post-digital situationist. They are like if Hal Foster had an Instagram account and could only publish text while shouting out a plumping lip gloss sponsorship. Born in 1996 to teenage grunge musician parents, Bambi is like if a nepo baby inherited noise and cultural critique instead of money. Bambi is currently on a European tour, where they will spend their aesthetic inheritance fast.
if you even care