cultural critic

The Collapse Tour
Summer 2024

May 19
Lincoln Park Conservatory

Bambi Kunst in
Site-specific four-channel audio installation in the fern room with performance activation for Florasonic, hosted by Experimental Sound Studio. The Collapse Tour announcement show.

May 31
pse Contemporary
1450 W 18th St. Pilsen

In the Group Chat
Apartment gallery group show of painting, sculpture, and sound objects curated by Bambi from various artist group chats.

Date TBA
Location TBA

Bambi Kunst in Berlin is Brutal

Durational performance in public space wearing clubwear made from German Woodland Camo Gauze and waterboarded in liters of 🍉 watermelon juice. Followed by 4 hours of guided clubbing at Trauma Bar und Kino.

Date TBA

“Art Writing the Doomscroll”

a workshop on post-digital publishing, hosted by Bambi Kunst from FIZZY Mag. Topics covered include: algotrapping,  profilicity, censorship, billionaire buy-outs, and what really happened at ArtF*rum.

6 July 
Location TBA

My Roman Empire is Bambi Kunst
90-minute body-based performance in public space.

7–21 July
Monte Castello di Vibio, Italy
Teatro della Concordia

Bambi Kunst in Influencer to the
Smallest Theater in the World

12-day performance activation in the smallest theater in the world, est. 1808 with only 99 seats.
On echo chambers, accelerationism, trend forecasting, and the algorithmic flattening of image culture.

24–27 July 

Bambi Kunst in Venice is Drowning

90-minute rags-to-riches fairytale set in the climate apocalypse, using the global art market as a backdrop. Curated by Hector Canonge for Performatica: Foreign Bodies All Over during the Venice Biennale. Dressed by
Alexander McQueen.

Location TBA

Bambi Kunst in
UK Hardcore with Rubber
Body-based performance with liquid rubber featuring sound by Vic from the bands Rubber, Merging, and Negative Space.

2 August
Stasia’s Gallery

Absent Art Star at Local Opening
Featuring Bambi Kunst’s Chorus of Critics
A conceptual performance commissioned by Veronica Clemens for the opening of Our Delicate Armor, a painting group show featuring Caleb Yono, Anne-Joelle Tan, Blue McCall, Jewlya Sturtevant, and Virginia Kidd. The performance conciders Lacan’s small object of desire and Paramount Pictures’ byronic hater Regina George. Bambi Kunst’s Chorus of Critics features three emerging theorists, two art historians, and three people who actually hate Bambi.

15–18 August
Co-Prosperity, Lumpen Journal

Bambi Kunst in Amerikkka is Collapsing
Performance for exhibition Democrazy, concurent with counterprotests to the DNC in Chicago.  

“Cultural Criticism in the Doomscroll”

a workshop on post-digital publishing, hosted by Bambi Kunst from FIZZY Mag. Topics covered include: algotrapping,  profilicity, censorship, billionaire buy-outs, and what really happened at ArtF*rum.

31 August
Stasia’s Gallery

Born Sexy Yesterday Trope
for the closing reception of exhigiton Our Delicate Armor, curated by Veronica Clemens for Stasia’s Gallery.

SAIC Visual & Critical Studies
Working Title

“I Traveled from the Margins to the Center and Back Again for Fun. Top Ten Things They Don’t Want You To Know!”

A performance lecture reflecting on Bambi Kunst: the Collapse Tour as a situationist détournemont thru fashion magazines, clickbait articles, the Venice Biennale, subcultural spaces, and art galleries.  

this is me
Bambi Kunst is a cultural critic working in Chicago and Berlin. At night, Bambi makes deranged and durational performance art in subcultural spaces, art galleries, and raves. During the day, they are a columnist and art critic at FIZZY Mag, an independent fashion magazine based in Berlin, est. by Riot Grrrl photographer Brit the Kid in the early 2000s. CollⒶpse Contemporary, Bambi’s apartment gallery, is located in downtown Pilsen in Chicago. Bambi is a post-digital situationist. They are like if Hal Foster had an Instagram account and could only publish text while shouting out a plumping lip gloss sponsorship. Born in 1996 to teenage grunge musician parents, Bambi is like if a nepo baby inherited noise and cultural critique instead of money. Bambi is currently packing for a European tour, where they will spend their aesthetic inheritance fast.
if you even care